Friday, April 25, 2008

I Think Qwest Just Likes Attention

Qwest sent me a check for $53.22. I assume it is a refund for overcharging me last month but they didn't include any kind of explanation. I would have been happy if they had just credited my account. I don't like to deposit checks. I either have to spend a stamp to mail them in or go out of my way to drop them off at the bank. My bank moved farther away from me after I signed up so it isn't very convenient at all. I am waiting for a bank to be build near where I live so that I can switch.

So far this year I have either had a problem with my Qwest service or my bill at least every month. I don't have these kind of problems with any other utility. I think Qwest is just needy. They miss me and they are afraid I will forget about them. If they are going to insist on getting my attention I guess I should be happy they sent me a check this time instead of disconnecting the internet or sending a $200 bill. I can't complain too much about a refund.

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