Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gas Prices Are Crimping My Budget

The budget is getting tighter and tighter. Gas is $3.33 right now, the highest I have seen I think. I had a job a few years beck that paid for my gas. Boy, I wish I still had that job! I put in 16 gallons for $45. The pump was excruciatingly slow although the dollars still rang up quite quickly. I believe this is going to be another tight month.

I keep changing my mind about how to spend my tax rebate check. Now I think it will just go towards gas. I live in a rural area so I can't use public transportation. I should organize some sort of carpool. I could drive to a coworkers house and ride with him but he works longer hours and I don't want to give up 2 hours of sleep each day to same some gas money. Besides driving to work 5 times a week and short distances occasionally, I only make the drive in to town every other week to run errands and grocery shop. Someday there will be a grocery store nearby. Probably not for another year and a half. They keep running in to problems. I will just have to find other categories in my budget to borrow from. Who needs $100/month for food? I'm sure I could survive on rice, beans and ramen noodles. Gas is more important!


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Just wanted to tell you that petrol is now £1.10 per litre here. I think thats about $10 a gallon but they stopped telling us the price per gallon some years ago. 16 gallons for £22 ($45) would be like having it free for us.
Ordinary hair dye is £6.95 ($14) as well. Ofcourse I dont know what you salary is like but prices seem unbeleivably cheap from our point of view.
Good luck wiht the mortgage.

Daizy said...

You can envy our petrol prices and I will envy your public transportation! I went to Europe in college and I was very impressed that it was so easy to get around (except for the language problem...I got caught in Poland for not punching my tram ticket correctly! And I never did figure out which token to buy in Austria)

My salary is $37K, a good/average salary for Arizona. $14 for hair dye?! I think I would have to start accepting my grey hair!

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

aha, we do have some affordable things then, I just dont notice them!
I think our salaries are a bit higher maybe.
I did notice that there was hair dye in the £1 shop today but the instructions were in Slovakian so its a bit risky! Nope, I am never giving in on the grey. I just convince myself how economical it is compared with a salon dye session at more like £40.
Good luck in your quest