Monday, March 17, 2008

Got My DTV Converter Box Coupons

Good thing I looked at these coupons when they showed up. I thought I had until next year to use them since the digital TV conversion doesn't happen until next February. But these coupon cards are only good for 90 days! Guess I have another reason to go to Walmart. The only places listed on the letter that sell the converter box are Walmart or Radio Shack. I checked online to see if the closest Walmart had some in stock but it looks like the close one doesn't have any, the busy one is sold out, so I will be driving 40 minutes to the nicer, less crowded Walmart in the neighboring town. I had better make a thorough list for Walmart because I hate going there. I don't want to have to go back any time soon.

These coupons are for $40 off the $50 converter box. Not a bad deal I guess. I am still happy with my 6 channels of antenna TV and I don't plan to subscribe to satellite any time soon so $10 to maintain my TV habit isn't too bad.

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