Sunday, March 9, 2008

Already Spending My Future Tax Rebate

So far I have spent $300 on my new water tank and $130 on groceries. Gee, I hope I get the $600 rebate. The IRS letter that I got was very vague but I am doing my American duty by starting to stimulate the economy NOW!

Ok, seriously, my purchases were within my budget but I haven't done any shopping in a while so it seems like I spent a ton of money this weekend. And I still didn't buy everything like car paint for flames (I couldn't figure out what to buy) and kitty litter (is everything scented nowadays? My cat hates scented!). So next weekend I will be stimulating the economy some more!


Anonymous said...

It can be tricky when you know money is on the way. My husband had 3 days extra pay last month and we managed to spend it all in one weekend. It was on things we needed such as work clothes and car seats for our children to have in the car but it still felt pretty 'naughty'!

Daizy said...

Oh yes. And how many times will I spend that money before I actually get it? Car seats do sound like necessities though. Unless they are leather with cup holders and built-in dvd players :)

Ayush said...
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