Thursday, February 21, 2008

This Time It Wasn't Qwest's Fault

When I got home from work I turned on the water heater in my RV and turned on my modem and computer just like I do every day. Today the modem just blinked. Ahhh!!! It did that a couple of weeks ago and I called Qwest, they came out and did something and it worked again. This time, because I didn't want to wait for a service call, I dragged the modem, telephone cable and extension cord outside and plugged it in directly to the phone pedestal. It worked! So I took the modem in to the mobile home...didn't work. I have no intention of crawing under the mobile home to investigate why the phone line doesn't work. I think it might be buried anyway. Luckily, I bought a very long phone cord so I unhooked the cord from inside the mobile home.

See, it used to go out of the window and over to my RV. Not very pretty, I know.

Then I threw the cord under the mobile home so that I could plug it in directly to the pedestal and viola! Here I am back on the internet! I am so happy:) (Remember yesterday's post when I said I was easily amused, well, this is an example)

I wonder if I could have done that when the internet went out a couple of weeks ago. Qwest didn't charge me for the service call last time and I wasn't out here when they showed up. I wonder what they actully did to make it work. I guess I will never know.

This is all just part of the fun of being single and having to fix and figure out things myself. I really like it when I can figure it out myself even though I usually have no idea what I am doing.. When I can't it is usually expensive and time consuming. I am so glad this time it was a success!

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