Sunday, February 24, 2008

Can I Call It Wishy-washy or Flexible?

I'm back at my rental house! That fellow that wanted to see it never showed up. I am a bit disappointed but there might be others. I decided to stay at the house until I get another tenant. After all, who could pass up all of that hot water, trash service, cable TV and paved roads and gas savings? Gee, it's like I spent the last 5 weeks living in a rural RV and living on rainwater? Oh yes, I did.

I planned on only bringing a few things with me so that I wouldn't have to carry a lot of stuff back and forth between my house and RV like I did last year. But then my modem decided to start acting up. This time it wasn't the DSL light, it was the Internet light. I had no idea what to do (since I couldn't search for an answer on the internet) so I decided to bring my whole computer to the house again. And since I was bringing the computer, I kept packing more and more stuff. I kept it to one truck load though. If I don't have another renter by next week I will bring my cat too.

When I got to the house I hooked up my computer first with the modem that is at the house and I had an email from someone who wanted to move in April 1st. That will be nice if it works out. Then I looked up my modem problem and found out that I hadn't configured it. It was the used modem that I got from ebay so I didn't even think about it since it worked ok for a month. After 27 minutes on the phone with Qwest I finally got my user name and password to configure my modem and it works again. Yea!

Then I started checking all of my favorite blogs but I had to stop because I still had chores to do. I brought out my carpet cleaner and went to work scrubbing out the spots. Then I checked the couch cushions and found the missing DVD remote. My guests swore that I didn't leave it for them and they said they searched for hours one night when they wanted to watch a DVD that required the remote for the up/down options. The funny thing was that the girl that said she had searched for an hour was practically sitting on the remote at the time. It was right under the couch cushion she was sitting on. While vacuuming under the other couch I found the battery cover for the TV remote. I was very happy about that. I also found a fancy stone soap dish. That's better than last year's guests. All they left was empty sunflower seeds and cigar wrappers.

This little bit of vacant time doesn't ruin my 4 year mortage repayment plan yet. There is still hope. I have 7 months of mortgage payments covered so far this year. Only 5 more to go. I need to find a renter for at least 3 more months this year. If not, I'll just go back to my 5 year mortgage plan and live comfortably in my house for MOST of the year. I don't think I'm wishy-washy. I think I'm FLEXIBLE! Now, it's time for a loooong hot shower...maybe even a bath!


A said...

I laugh so hard when you talk about the RV. I live in rural "middle of nowhear" and the think I miss most off all (I do have hot water) is trash pick up! We take it to school with us and though it away in the university dorm dumpsters. I lived their for 2 years, I can still use the trash! I drive by the dump every day on my way to town but its a $25 minimum and you have to be crazy if you think I am going to let that much trash build up in our little single-wide! Congrats on going back to civilization- I am jealous!

Daizy said...

$25 is outrageous! I think I would start burning it in a barrel before I took it there although I think that is illegal here most of the time. I thought about throwing it in the dumpster behind work but I don't want anyone to see me. I am actually glad that I don't have anyone to rent the place yet. Today was trash day so I have a nice empty trash can to fill up! I'm so excited! Last year I had new renters a few days after eachother and I had to cart 4 bags of renter trash home with me. It took months to get rid of it. It's funny how such a simple thing can make us happy:)