Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Internet Access-Can't Live Without It

Ok, I could actually live without it. But I really really like it. I called up Qwest and asked them to hook up my RV with internet access again. I had it for a few months last winter when I was living out there. Back then I thought I had to have home phone service too. Now my internet-only service is $37. Yesterday I figured out that $40 equaled one day of mortgage freedom on my accelerated pay-off plan. Internet is almost $40 a month. So in four years I could be mortgage free 48 days earlier but I would rather have internet access. It is educational, practical and entertaining. Plus writing on my blog and reading other blogs is very motivating and it keeps me focused on my goals.

I was talking to a co-worker today and he said that he just got his new flat screen TV, he bought his daughter a $900 laptop over the weekend, and he is planning 2 trips to Japan this year, one with his family of 4 at $1500 per ticket. He said he spent $5,000 more than he made last year. Wow, I am glad that I am amused by weird things like paying down my mortgage and blogging and figuring out how to live off rainwater so I can retire early. At least I might not have to work until I die, at least not at a job I don't like.

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