Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Digital TV Converter Box Coupons

This was actually a picture of my solar motion light but in the back you can see my lovely TV antenna. I'm feeling too lazy to crop the picture today. My computer is too slow for that. Anyway, since I will be moving out to my RV in 2 weeks and I rely on an antenna for my 6 glorious TV channels (unless it is windy then I only have 3 channels) I have been paying close attention to the announcements about the analog to digital TV conversion. It won't happen until next year, Feb. 17 2009 but the government is offering $40 off coupons (until they run out of money)Converter Box Coupon. The converter boxes are supposed to cost around $50 so I will have to pay $10. I signed up already. I don't want to be tempted to subscribe to satellite TV if my 6 channels are taken away. I need that money for my mortgage payoff plan!

I have been reading other blogs which suggest watching TV shows on the computer. I tried it last night and unfortunately my computer couldn't handle it. With short video clips like on CNN I can just pause the video and it will continue to load. Then I come back in 5 minutes and I can watch it without a problem. The TV show that I tried to watch wouldn't continue to load after I pushed pause. I was disappointed. I think my computer might need more memory. I am not sure. It only has 128 MB of RAM.

The other option would be to subscribe to one of the mail-order movie companies and get a bunch of episodes of my favorite shows. That's probably the cheapest route.(Well, cheaper than buying satellite TV, upgrading my computer or buying a laptop but not as cheap as just being happy with my 3-6 channels) I have to work on my to-do list first. Getting my washer and dryer hooked up is a bigger priority than keeping up with TV shows.

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