Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Dreaded Work Snack Basket

We don't have a vending machine at work so some of the people decided to put together a basket of snacks and sell them for 50 cents or so. The extra money goes into a general fund for pizza or something. It is a nice idea but oh so tempting! Before if I forgot to bring a snack or something for dessert I was out of luck. Now there is a whole basket of chips, snacks, candy bars and soda, right there in the lunch room. I definitely need to plan my lunches well so that I don't give in. Today I had a little bag of cookies left over from the care package that I sent to my niece (they wouldn't fit in the box...really!) so I wasn't interested in the snacks but I can tell that I will want them eventually. 50 cents doesn't seem like a lot of money but let's look at a large bag of Doritos for example. I think Doritos cost about $4 when they aren't on sale. There are 13 servings in a regular size bag of Doritos. Or for the same $4 I can buy 8 single serving bags of chips. Hmmm, convenient but not a good deal. Even my health conscious boss was eating cheetos at the end of the day! I can't believe it.

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