Friday, November 2, 2007

Glad It's the Weekend

This week went by pretty quickly but the work just piled up. I am trying not to think about it right now but I can't help it. I have been hopping from project to project all week trying to get the emergency things handled and the other things organized. It takes me a while to turn my brain off once the weekend arrives.

I sent my niece, who is away at college, a box of goodies that she got today. It was a lot of fun buying things like cake mixes and frosting, muffin mix and fruit snacks. Everything that I bought was on sale but I still spent a lot of money on it and it was a very heavy box but it was worth it. She was very surprised and happy to get it. I remember being away at school and getting care packages from home. It was the best thing in the world and so appreciated.

I don't really have any plans this weekend. A friend wanted to go to the Kohl's super-sale. I don't need anything from there. All of the gifts that I have in mind are at other stores (like the Hello Kitty store in the mall). I don't really feel like spending valuable time at a department store especially since I just bought a bunch of sweaters for myself last weekend for $1-$1.50. One look at Kohl's super-sale prices would horrify me.

I do need to go to Big Lots and buy another cheap mini blind. I closed the window, forgetting that the window lock were sticking out and I snapped about 6 of my mini-blinds. I would also like to buy some violas for my flower pots. Not much excitement planned but I am looking forward to 2 peaceful days away from the rat race.

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