Thursday, October 11, 2007

Can't Control the Munchies

I just can't seem to control my snacking habit at this job. At my last job I had a lot more self control. I could also go for a walk at work which I cannot do any more since I don't feel safe outside. My job is a little bit easier than it was in the beginning but I am still using food (and some occasional web surfing) as a momentary escape. My clothes are starting to get tight in the waist. That is very bad.

Hopefully when I come back from vacation I can start a new eating and exercise plan. Nothing too harsh, just cut out some of the snacks, eat more fruit and vegetables and stop drinking my daily strawberry milkshake which has become my reward for getting through the day. Mmmm, milkshake.

Today we had a birthday at the office so we went out to lunch. I went along and reluctantly spent $15 on a meal that I could have made better and cheaper myself. Mexican food is one thing that I like just as much at home, except for Taco Bell. I like Taco Bell and I think it is cheap. I would have rather eaten at Taco Bell today. I could have had lunch for $5. But it wasn't about the food, it was a social event for the birthday girl so I shouldn't complain about the food.

Tomorrow I am supposed to go to Mexico for my job. It's only an hours drive away. I will get a free lunch tomorrow so it kind of makes up for today's expensive lunch.

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