Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Last Dying Gasp of the Microwave

My appliances are conspiring against me. First it was the waffle maker, then blender, now the microwave. I was heating some food, I walked in to another room and I heard a loud ZZZZZTTTTT sound. I came back to the kitchen and the microwave was dark. I was hoping it just tripped a circuit but no, the circuits were fine.

It is an 8 year old microwave. I don't know how long microwaves live but I think 8 years is pretty good. It cost $100 so that's $12.50 a year. I have a built-in microwave in my RV and an old microwave that I bought from a friend. So I don't need a microwave personally but I can't rent out a furnished house without a microwave. How stone-age. Unfortunately, the old microwave isn't nice enough to go in my rental house. The display doesn't work so I have to guess how much time is left on its timer. I will have to buy a new one.

I have checked Sears, Walmart and Best Buy online. Best Buy had the best price. A one cubic foot model on sale for $65. The two other stores had .7 and .8 cuft models close to that price. I will check Big Lots before I go to Best Buy just in case they have one. I looked at Craig's List online and there were 4 for sale but 3 were above the stove models and one was really old.

I have decided that the blender and the waffle maker will not be replaced yet unless I find a great deal around $10. Hopefully my guests will not want waffles. I put some oil around the cracks of the spinning blender blades and it seems to be working better. I think the motor was having a hard time trying to spin the blades.

Hopefully I won't have any other unexpected appliance emergencies before my guest arrive.


The Proverbs Wife said...

I have a similar problem.Within the last 2 months my washing machine has began to flow over onto the floor and floods my laundry room. I have been trying to work with the machine being that it doesn't not do this most times. Only whenever something happens that causes me to leave the laundry room before the washer finishes filling. And by the time I remember that I was supposed to go back and check on it, the floor is flooded with water. Two televisions stopped working, my microwave went dark and the coil that heats up to warm my electric oven heated so hot last tuesday that the coil cracked in half. Either my appliances hate me or God is really testing me to see if I am serious about being debt free. I now bake only using my broiler. I have learned to remain focused and watch the machine until it fills and shuts off. And the microwave...who needs a microwave. I heat everything under the broiler. I have gained so much more patience and I am glad that I have found alternatives to spending money on brand new high priced appliances. Here's to "Frugal Freedom" ;-)

Daizy said...

Wow, I commend you on your patience and inginuity. Perhaps you will come across a great deal on something to replace your moody appliances. That usually happens when you make do and have the luxury to pounce on a good deal when you find it. I found my washer and dryer, 2 years old, for $25 a piece from a neighbor's garage sale. They are wonderful. And my sister might send me the microwave that she bought for her daughter to take for college but doesn't need now. It is amazing what people will give you when they know you need something.