Saturday, August 4, 2007

Miserable Cold, Day Two

I guess I have been lucky. I haven't had a cold since January. I got that one from work too.

I have been trying to think of something to drink. Soda doesn't sound appealing and the only juice I have is cranberry and pineapple (separate, not mixed). I do have some strawberry daiquiri mix. I don't drink alcohol but this non-alcoholic mix has become a staple at my house. Last year my sister introduced me to it because it was one of the only things she could drink (with ice and lemon-lime soda) when she was morning sick. I went to the store a while ago and compared the price of frozen strawberries (15 cents/oz.) and strawberry syrup (11 cents/oz.) to the daiquiri mix (10 cents/oz).

Now the frozen strawberries are more healthy for me but not as convenient and I would have to add sugar. The strawberry syrup doesn't have any strawberries in it. The daiquiri mix has corn syrup and food coloring (bad) but it also has strawberry puree and lemon and lime juice (good).

I have been using it to make strawberry shakes, strawberry syrup for pancakes and waffles, strawberry sundaes and today I put the strawberry mix, ice, and some cranberry juice in the blender to make a nice "poor me, I am sick" drink.

I like food that multi-tasks. Strawberry daiquiri mix is now one of my staple splurges.

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