Sunday, July 1, 2007

Car Insurance Rates Rise

My car insurance agent called me yesterday. I had left a message with him earlier because I got my new bill and it was higher than I expected. Back in January my agent promised that my rate would go down at my next renewal date. My rate was $36. Now my rate is $38 per month and that is with an additional multi-line discount for adding my house back on as a owner occupied policy (previously it was a rental).

After he made some calls he told me that, oops, while some zip codes did go down, mine actually went up. How lovely. The main reason I stayed with this company was because it was going to go down soon. He did say that I could qualify for the low mileage discount for cars that drive under 7500 per year. That will work while I am living in town but it won’t last if I move out to the country.

If my house sells and I lose the multi-line discount I will definitely switch. I know I can get a better rate with a company often seen on TV advertisements. I haven’t switched because I have always been with this company. Lately though I am not impressed with the service or prices which leaves me little reason not to shop around.

I guess it is time to re-evaluate all of my policies and services instead of blindly accepting and paying for them just because that’s the way it has always been. Maybe I’ll even save some significant money.

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