Thursday, July 19, 2007

10 Frugal Things I Did Today

Let’s see,

1. Wore a thrift store dress to work. I only have 3 pairs of pants that I like right now. It’s good to wear a dress once in a while.

2. Brought leftovers for lunch, the last of the red beans and rice.

3. Brought my containers and baggies home to hand wash and air dry.

4. Made my lunch for tomorrow.

5. Trimmed my own bangs. That’s an on-going project.

6. Recycled my mail. That reduces my trash but I have to pay the same amount anyway. That will be a good habit when I move out in to the country and have to haul my own trash to the dump. There are free recycle bins at the library.

7. Turned the thermostat up to 80 degrees while I was at work. I could set it higher but I don’t want it to be hot in the house if someone comes by for a showing.

8. Air-dried my hair half way. I blow dry my bangs and then let the rest of it dry for an hour or so and then blow dry it straight so it isn’t bumpy. It shortens the amount of time I have to have hot air aimed at my head.

9. Used ceiling fans to decrease my air conditioner usage.

10. Watered my plants with a drip system on a timer.

I also read other frugal blogs for new ideas and researched mutual funds to help me decide where to put my savings.

And, this doesn't have anything to do with being frugal but I wrote back to a guy that wrote to me on an on-line dating site. My mother will be happy.

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