Friday, June 16, 2017

House Hunting Again

Things have slowed down and sped up at the same time. The day to day things like high school stuff, grocery shopping, making dinner, doctors appointments, college prep, etc... have slowed drastically, which is a relief. My nephew has his class schedule for next semester but he needs to change one class because they signed him up for Survey of Math and he has already taken Calculus I in high school. He is waiting to find out his score on the AP Calculus test (not until July 9) so he will know which math class to add or if he doesn't need anymore math, maybe he can get a natural science core out of the way. 

The big goals have sped up. The porch cover was finished on my barn-shed. Gutters and water collection tank will be attached some time in the future. There isn't a desperate need for it since my water tanks are pretty much full right now and it is so hot that I don't want to go out there to do it. 

My mother and I went to look at houses for sale in the neighborhood close to where she lives. We weren't expecting to find any that would work for us but a couple of them did. We are going to put an offer in on one on Monday. The yard is not as large as I would like but there is a large Arizona room where I can make an "indoor dog park". It connects to the master bedroom and bathroom and then there is a walk-in closet and then the closet has another closet! I think I will have enough storage space. My mother will have the other half of the house including 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and a big living room with a fireplace.  
 Big enough for my indoor dog park. Just needs a dog door.

The walk-in closet has it's own closet. I think that would be enough room.

The kitchen needs some style help but it is big enough.

I'm still looking for new listings though because one of those houses with the extra large lots is going to come up for sale one of these days! I just know it.


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

Exciting! Houses are so big. I am jealous. And then i remember how bad I am at cleaning and its all okay again.
Very exciting times again, as always

Dave said...

Does the house have A/C or windows big enough to hold them? I see that ceiling fan which will be helpful. Big kitchen you have there, does it have a window, something I knew was vital if you cook in there often?

Daizy said...

Lizzie, I agree about the cleaning. If I wasn't sharing a house with mum who has a whole bunch of stuff (even though she swears she doesn't) I would be wanting a smaller house than the 1700sqft I have now. But if we each get half that will be around 1000sqft. A little less for me because the living room would technically be a dog-free zone thus I count that as my mother's side of the house.

Daizy said...

Dave, the house does have A/C and the AZ room has a wall A/C since it was previously a porch that was closed in. The kitchen does have a big window over the sink. I would let Mom remodel the kitchen to her taste since she will be home with it all day.

Dave said...

Daizy, is our Arizona flower wilting from the excessive heat?

Daizy said...

Yes! But it gets hot before the monsoon so the rain is right around the corner. All we got was a few clouds and wind today.

Anonymous said...

Hey I think that kitchen is very nice. It needs remodeling? Must be my frugal sensibilities

Daizy said...

The kitchen looks pretty good to me too but I told Mom she could re-do it so the black countertops must go and probably the cabinets because they are old particle board materials.